Heidi Fleiss still wants to be a rich bitch

Nothing good ever results from a participation in the “trade” (you know the trade – the S.E.X. trade). Whether as a worker, a customer or a pander, the selling of s.e.x is illegal and all participants are held criminally liable once caught engaging in this illegal activity.

So if you’re at a point of desperation in trying to figure out how to get that house in Beverly Hills or Malibu or Bel Air or which ever other prestigious location you have designs on, don’t make the mistake that made the name Heidi Fleiss notorious.

From all accounts Heidi Fleiss could have ended up a rich woman running any type of business; but it would seem she didn’t have the inclination to have to rise to the top by climbing up one rung of the ladder at a time. She was more inclined to look for a sugar daddy to fly her to the top in a private jet, which is essentially what she did when, at 19, she took up in a relationship with a rich 61-year old named Bernie Cornfeld. That was the beginning of the downfall of a Heidi Fleiss. After tasting the high life while involved with Cornfeld she couldn’t settle for just a comfortable life. Even though she landed a job with a prestigious real estate firm in Beverly Hills once her relationship with Cornfeld ended, and she was making decent money, she was unsatisfied because it was still less than she wanted.

No doubt after her experience with Cornfeld Heidi was more open to the idea of using s.e.x to get ahead in life. Essentially she had done just that during her relationship with Cornfeld. She’ll say it was love but most people will be inclined to doubt a young 19 year old with visions of mansions, luxury cars, mink furs and expensive vacations to exotic locales dancing in her head will exactly hook up with a rich 61 year old because she finds him hot and sexy.

Heidi wanted to live the ultimate rich bitch life and she figured, as many girls in her situation do who want to be rich but don’t really want to have to start at the bottom and work their way to the top, that the quickest and easiest way to get transported to the top in style was to exploit men’s ultimate weakness.  Becoming a prostitute and then graduating to the status of the Beverly Hills Madame was probably not exactly what Heidi had in mind. She was probably more interested in finding another sugardaddy; but it was another Hollywood Madam who would provide the opportunity for Heidi to get in the high life.

If you don’t want to end up with a similar story to Heidi Fleiss, you might want to read Heidi Fleiss–The Million Dollar  Madam written by Rachael Bell. The story details how Heidi Fleiss became the Beverly Hills Madam and how The Beverly Hills Madame ended up spending 21 months in prison.

But there is another lesson you can learn from Heidi Fleiss other than not to prostitute yourself to get ahead in life and not to exploit others in your bid to get ahead in life, and that lesson is that you can rise above any crisis in your life. Heidi served her time in prison and resumed her life once she got out, making millions off the very crisis that landed her in prison to begin with.

Others who are faced with a similar situation should take a page out of Heidi’s book instead of following in the footsteps of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madame who committed suicide rather than face the possibility of time spent in prison, and Brandy Britton who also killed herself rather than face the possibility of prison for prostitution. You know it’s illegal before you get involved in it. If you know you’d rather be dead than go to prison, why commit a crime for which you’re more than likely to go to prison when caught?

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