How about a lunch of tuna salad, pasta with grilled chicken, cucumbers, tomato and avocado salad?

I don’t have anything to eat for lunch today, unless I eat leftovers from yesterday’s dinner; but it was macaroni and cheese with spinach and pieces of chicken mixed in. It’s way too heavy for lunch. We’re still struggling with finances around here and just barely managing to get the essentials paid. The cupboards and the fridge are usually bare these days, which isn’t to imply we’re starving. We manage to eat every day, but we haven’t been able to afford to do any major grocery shopping for a while.

I was fantasizing about having a nice lunch to eat for a change so I went looking for pictures on Flickr and came across this picture by NCinDC. This is what the owner of the picture wrote about the colorful lunch you see on the plate:

I had a delicious lunch at the Uptown Cafe (I think that’s the name of it?) across from The Westin Grand in Faggy Bottom. Hmm, let’s see now. On my plate was sushi, tuna salad, pasta with grilled chicken, cucumbers, tomato and avocado salad, watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries. Deeeelicious.

I have to say it does look delicious, although I have to admit I’ve never had sushi. I’m allergic to certain seafood and so I don’t take chances on any seafood I’m not sure if I can safely eat. I’d probably not eat the sushi part of the dish but everything else looks very tasty.

Hope you enjoy your lunch today, whatever you end up eating. Remember, it’s not about what you eat necessarily but how much you eat, and whether or not you’re getting enough exercise to balance it out. Forget starvation diets. Your body and your mind need nourishment. Eat. Live. Life is short.

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