How do you measure a person’s worth? What makes one woman better than another?

Dear rich bitch, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about Ivanka Trump. The friend commented that Ivanka was better than the two of us. I said, “I beg to differ. Ivanka Trump is not better than me.” My friend laughed. “Of course Ivanka Trump is better than you,” she said. I asked her how was Ivanka Trump better than me and she said, “Ivanka Trump calls Donald Trump daddy. She’s Vice President of Real Estate Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Organization. She’s super smart and accomplished in a thousand ways. She’s beautiful and she has more money than you could ever make in a hundred lifetimes. Of course she’s better than you.”

I got upset with my friend. I don’t think Ivanka Trump is better than me but I know most people will agree with my friend. I want to know what you think? Do you think Ivanka Trump is better because of the reasons my friend gave? Marilyn, New York

Dear Marilyn, I don’t think Ivanka Trump is better than you. She might be “better off” than you financially, but having money doesn’t make you better than anyone. Having money just makes you richer. Also, having a rich and famous father doesn’t make you better than someone whose father isn’t rich and famous; and neither does having a prestigious job make you better than someone who does not have a prestigious job. Ivanka Trump can afford a better standard of life than you can; but the value of life is not measured in how expensive your clothes are, what kind of car you drive, what restaurants you can get into, what title you hold professionally, how rich and famous your father is, how rich and famous you are, how rich and famous your friends are etc.

Continue to believe you are the same as everyone rich or poor, famous or obscure, beautiful or ugly, illiterate or a Wharton school graduate. No matter who might suggest otherwise having convinced themselves that some people are better than others, we are all the same.

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