How to marry a rich man and why it’s better than to marry a poor man

Virtually all women rich and poor end up miserable in their marriage. Yes, there are women who are happy in their marriage; but clearly fewer women are happy in their marriage than are unhappy. That’s why more people divorce than stay married according to statistics. So if you’re going to be miserable anyway, wouldn’t it better to be miserable with a rich man than to be miserable with a poor man? At least  by the time the divorce happens you’ll have a few things to show for the years of misery.

So how do you meet and marry a rich man? Ever notice how celebrities are always marrying each other? That’s because we typically find our mate among the groups within which we generally socialize. It’s really that simple. To meet a rich man you need to socialize with rich people; but rich people are so elitist and the places where they hang out are usually so exclusive. How are you supposed to get into these places to begin with; and if you get in, how do you go about mingling with people you don’t know who don’t know you from adam? If you have some ideas do let us know. We’d  love to share them for the benefit of curious readers.

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