I need clothes

I don’t shop Victoria’s Secret. I realized some years back that they pretty much sell the same cheap clothes as some other outlets but they put a Victoria’s Secret tag inside and charge the earth for the clothes even though the quality is no better than the cheaper variation you find in the economy retail outlets. Nevertheless, they make their clothes look so good. Of course it’s because the models wearing the clothes are all so skinny that anything they wear looks good on them. Unless you have the figure of a Victoria’s Secret model you should probably not buy their clothes; but you could still make a wish list for when you:

  1. Have a body like a Victoria’s Secret model
  2. Have money to afford spending $500 for 4 flimsy items of clothing

I need clothes; but I don’t have money to buy clothes. If I did have money to buy clothes I probably wouldn’t spend it at Victoria’s Secret.

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