If I was a rich girl….

There’s a difference between wanting to be financially secure and independently wealthy and wanting to enjoy the glamorous lifestyle that comes with having money and standing in society. Which do you fantasize about?

Is it the rich lifestyle that you crave? Do you wish you were rich so you could go to parties and events and be in the same room as rich and famous people, eat in the same exclusive restaurants, socialize the same exclusive clubs? Or do you just want to be financially secure, and have the money you need to afford a comfortable life?

If it’s just financial security and a comfortable life you want you might not necessarily need millions of dollars to achieve this goal. The same can be said if it’s the glitz and the glamor, the invitations to exclusive parties and the ability to breathe the same air as people you think are important because they are rich and famous. You can find ways to hobnob with the rich and famous even if you yourself are not necessarily rich or famous. Other women have done it. Genevieve Jones comes quickly to mind. It wasn’t so long ago people were talking about how she had used some of her physical assets and feminine wiles to charm her way into high society. Now her name is as famous as that of any other New York socialite. She even has her own jewelry line which seems to be the mark of a true socialite, to have her own line of jewelry, or clothing, or handbags, or shoes, or all of the above.

If this is what you crave you can get there without needing to have money first. You just have to know how to go about placing yourself in the right position. Sometimes that position is on your back.

Image: fashionaddictdiary via Flickr

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