If you ever become a rich woman don’t marry a man making less money than you or you could end up paying alimony even with a pre-nup

Christie Brinkley at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2007 looking radiant at age 53. At this point in a woman's life it helps to be rich. When your husband cheats on you with an 18 year old you can just go out and buy your own 18 year old . Not that Christie Brinkley needs to pay money to get a good looking young man looking as good as she still does; but at least it's an option.

Alimony is not just a rich man’s problem. Just ask Christie Brinkley. Her husband Peter Cook cheated on her with an 18 year old, paid the 18 year old $300,000 to keep quiet, racked up thousands per month contributing to the growth of the Internet sex industry, and despite all that walked away with a $2.1 million dollar alimony judgment in his favor.

Here’s video from TheYoungTurks.com talking about how ridiculous it is that Christie Brinkley has to pay $2.1 million to her husband.

What happens if you become a rich woman while you’re already married? Your money will then be considered equally yours and his even though you earned it all yourself; and no matter what he has done to you through your marriage, if you divorce him, he’ll probably walk away with half of your wealth; but in all fairness, the same applies if he’s the one who makes the millions during your marriage. Marital laws need changing!

Image: David Skankbone via Flickr

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