Intercourse on Sunday mornings

Couple kissingDear Diary, it’s Sunday morning. Another Sunday morning. I’m here sitting at the computer typing away. The sun is already shining. I’ve been awake for a few hours. I did not wake up happy, probably because I did not wake up of my own free will. I was awaken by my husband who wanted sexual intercourse. Sunday is supposed to be our sex day. I made that decision after deciding it wasn’t fair that I should have him wait until whenever I was in the mood because I am never in the mood and he ends up getting it once per month if he’s lucky. Not that I think I “owe” him sex; but in all fairness I don’t think a man should have to go without just because his woman has no interest in the activity. But that’s not a subject I’m interested in discussing at length right this minute.

I’m still kind of sleepy; but I have to do some housework today. My son is having a guest over and I promised to tidy up for him. I should really tidy up more often. The place shouldn’t only be clean when there are guests coming. It’s probably the reason none of the 3 people who live here is ever happy. And of course, as I am the woman of the house, it’s all on me whether the place gets clean or not. I’ve used my depression as an excuse for why I go months without cleaning but I’m starting to think I’m just plain lazy and I need to get my act together because laziness doesn’t pay.

Anyway, my mission for today is to workout for at least half an hour. It would be great to go play some tennis but my husband hasn’t been interested in going to play tennis with me for a long time now. Maybe I’ll ask my son, but his answer is always “no”. You never know though. He might say yes today. So maybe I’ll do that – see if I can get one of them to go play tennis with me. I’ll still workout at home for half an hour regardless what happens with the tennis. I think I’ll leave the at home workout for later on though, after dinner.

I also have to finish cleaning the place. I started yesterday and am proud to say I got some laundry done, did the dishes, cleared away some piles of paper I had stacking up on two chairs, and all I have left to do is vacuum and put a few drops of lavender oil in a pot to boil in order to disperse the fumes around the place to make it smell nicer. You might wonder what’s the big deal about that but if you had any idea how I was dreading having to tackle the task and thinking I could not possibly do it, you might appreciate why I’m proud of myself that I got it done.

Honestly, I’m not feeling nearly as unhappy at the moment as I was feeling when I first woke up. While I still have no clue presently how I’m going to make money to get myself out of my cycle of financial problems, I believe I’m closer to figuring out the answer than not.

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