Ireland Vacations

Has anyone taken a vacation lately? My sister recently went to Ireland, and she won’t stop talking about it! She keeps repeating how inexpensive it is now—so I finally started listening. I might be planning a tour for myself soon! I did a little research, and it does appear that for some families, discounted airfares, hotel costs, and low-rate package tours are finally making vacations a reality.

It has always been notoriously expensive to fly and stay in Ireland, as well as in Northern Ireland. However, apparently hotel prices are down, meaning people who have always dreamed of seeing the lush green hills and sipping rich, dark, freshly brewed Guinness in an Irish pub can actually live their dreams and take a tour to all of the cities they’ve wanted to visit there.

To get the best prices, it has always been best to go with an agency—and this is still true. Agencies get discounted rates because they are able to buy in bulk. For the best prices and destinations, don’t go with a general tourist agency–go with one that specializes in Ireland Vacations. They will tell you all of the hotspots to visit in Dublin, Belfast, and cities and villages along the coast.
If you do decide to go, please send photos!

[Photo credit: Christopher Meneboeuf]

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