It’s time to start planning your life as a rich woman

I’m sitting here thinking to myself:

So you want to be a rich woman. That much you know. But you have no idea how exactly you’re going to do it. Well, guess what? You can’t do it if you have no idea how so you’ve at least identified your first step in the process that will take you from where you are right now to where you want to be. You have to figure out how you’re going to become a rich woman.

So where do I begin? Well, I’ve decided to start by making a list of the fields in which some of the world’s rich women (the ones who didn’t get rich as a result of inheriting money or winning money) have made their money:

  1. Fashion design
  2. Art/Writing
  3. Investing
  4. Modeling
  5. Film/television
  6. Music
  7. Athletics
  8. Health & fitness industry
  9. Cosmetics/Beauty industry
  10. Corporate ladder climbing

Then I’ll go down the list and select the fields in which I have at one point or another considered venturing:

  1. Fashion design
  2. Art/Writing
  3. Film/television
  4. Music
  5. Health & fitness industry
  6. Cosmetics/Beauty industry

Then I’ll break down the second list into things I’ve idly fantasized about and things I’ve seriously wanted to do in some capacity:

Idle Fantasy

  1. Health & Fitness ( Produce an exercise tape )
  2. Cosmetics/Beauty ( Put out a line of hair products )
  3. Music ( put out a record album )
  4. Fashion design ( Start my own clothing line )

Serious ambition

  1. Art/Writing ( Write bestselling novels )
  2. Film/Television ( Produce Independent Films )

So now I have a list of areas in which I am either seriously interested or casually interested.

Now I will go through both lists and briefly account for my interest and ability in each field:

Art/Writing: I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’ve created a number of fictional tales, romantic fiction and children’s stories, and made up hundreds of poems. I’ve always thought my destiny was to be a writer.

Film/Television: Over the last several years I’ve had a desire to turn my story ideas into films. I feel more strongly about producing films out of my story ideas at this point than I do about producing books.

Health & Fitness: I have always wanted to produce an exercise video. Admittedly this would have been better to do when I was at the height of my fitness. I’ve recently been thinking about putting my “Wall Workout Program” on DVD. It’s an easy and effective set of targeted exercises I do that always help me get my shape back whenever I lose it. I believe there’s a market for short effective exercises for women with low energy who need to trim arm fat, back fat, fat in their stomach and waist, and tighten their butt and inner thighs, and my “Wall Workout Program” was designed to do just that.

Cosmetics/Beauty: I’ve concocted a hair treatment to battle a major dry scalp problem. I’ve considered putting it out on the market.

Music: I can come up with great songs with little effort. I never record them, unfortunately, so I forget them soon after; but I’ve thought about sitting down and coming up with 12 songs, recording them and putting out an album.

Fashion Design: I’ve thought about starting my own clothing line since I can never find affordable clothes I really like.

Now what? Now I will take a break and come back later to decide my next next step…

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