Ivanka Trump at 2008 Library Lions benefit in New York City November 3

Ivanka Trump attended the 2008 Library Lions benefit held at the The New York Public Library, Humanities and Social Sciences Library in New York on November 3rd.

Ms Trump worse a dark blue form-fitting pleated one-shouldered gown (still trying to find out the name of the designer).

Ivanka looked a wee bit unkempt in some of the closeup shots taken of her at the Libray Lions benefit.

In some photos the label of her dress is hanging out, and the dress looked like it might be torn in some places. Maybe that’s just the look of the dress. It did fit her nicely, and for a change her breasts looked like they were on the same level even if one looked more oval in shape while the other looked more circular.

The surgeon who performed Ivanka’s breast implant surgery didn’t do a fantastic job.

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