Jacket Technology

In our humble opinion, fashion meets function is a wonderful thing. Sure, we love to splurge on beautiful goodies as much as the next bitch, but when they actually offer us something aside from the ability to sit there and look pretty? We fall in love.

That’s why we were so excited to hear about a company called Arcadia that’s designing a system for designers to create heated jackets. We don’t know about you, but the quest for finding the perfect winter coat often boils down to a struggle between something that looks good and something that actually helps keep us warm. The idea that we could be bundling up in a system that works like the heated seats in luxury cars makes winter look a whole lot brighter.

The best thing about this step in technology is that Arcadia isn’t actually designing a coat. That’s fine by us–their background is in building fuel cells, not fashion design. While they could certainly come up with an… interesting style, we’re happy to pass. Instead, they are building a warming layer that is intended to be used under an outer shell. That of course is the coat that people will see, and it will be designed by companies that are already known for making quality coats. While this is likely to be aimed at outdoor sports enthusiasts first, not the most fashion-conscious bunch, we hope to see it utilized on the runway-quality fashions someday in the future.

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