July 8th Forex trading practice report

So I’ve started a new demo account in order to demo with $5000 instead of $50,000. I started the $5000 demo account yesterday. I think I might be able to come up with $5000 to fund the account once I’m ready to live trade. I have contacted someone I know and have explained my plans and they have agreed to think about providing me with the money to fund the account. The only thing I need to do now is investigate FXCM more thoroughly because that’s where I’m planning to open an account. I need to find out if their demo trading system is in any way different from their live trading platform. I understand some of these companies try to trick you by setting up their demo to deliver generally good results.

Beginning Balance 0.00
Comm Trading Commission 0.00
Rollover Rollover Fee -1.70
PnL Profit/Loss of Trade 1,241.97
Depos Deposit 5,000.00
Withd Withdrawal 0.00
Option Options Payout 0.00
Comm Options Commission 0.00
WithdFee Withdrawal Fee 0.00
MngFee Management Fee 0.00
PerfFee Performance Fee 0.00
Void Deposit Rollback 0.00
ASPComm ASP Commission 0.00
MargInterest Interest on Usable Margin 0.00
Ending Balance 6,240.27
Floating P/L 0.00
Equity 6,240.27
Necessary Margin 0.00
Usable Margin 6,240.27

As you can see I have managed to increase my account value by 1240.27 in 2 days. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could have the same results once I begin to trade live?

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