Keep Energy Levels High

High energy levels don’t just happen—for some people anyway. For many, a lack of sleep and exercise combined with poor eating habits result in underperformance and low energy levels. In addition, if these basic health habits are not adhered to, studies show that mental sharpness and memory seem to dwindle as well. Fortunately, the opposite is true as well—for people who are not getting enough sleep, never work out, and have no energy and bad memories, there is good news: taking on better habits can increase both your energy and mental performance!

I read this kind of information all the time. But over the last few months, I actually did a little experiment and was baffled by the results. For the first time in…oh, maybe 10 years…I forced myself to get to bed before 12:00am, get a full eight hours of sleep, and stop eating candy completely. I kid you not—I was a new gal. My energy levels shot through the roof; I was able to focus sharply; and, at night, I was able to sleep better.

Sometimes I fall back into my old self-indulgent ways and Internet surf into the wee hours of the night when humans should really be sleeping. For those times, I learned about a supplement that people can take that helps energy levels naturally. A friend recently recommended an NADH supplement to me that enhances mental alertness and energy levels. (NADH is a coenzyme that helps the body in the process of energy extraction.) She is completely sold on it. It is called Enada NADH. I’m going to try it—I researched it and it appears to be quite effective! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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