Kournikova 7th richest woman under 30

Anna KournikovaIt pays to be a Russian female tennis star with blond hair, blue eyes and a supermodel face and body. Just ask Anna Kournikova and she’ll tell you all about how Adidas, Charles Schwab, K-Swiss and tons of other companies paid her millions of dollars to endorse their products and services just because she had long blonde hair, blue eyes, spoke with a Russian accent and had a body worthy of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue spread. Despite not winning a single tennis tournament in her career, Anna Kournikova still managed to rake in millions of dollars from endorsement deals and now sees her name on the 2008 list of 10 richest women in the world under 30. Anna Kournikova is reportedly even richer than Keira Knightley who has starred in numerous films including the Pirates of The Caribbean trilogy and is regarded a highly talented actress.

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