Lady Gaga’s Strange Fashion at MTV VMA’s 2010

Lady Gaga is always full of surprises with her weird fashion. This Year’s MTV Video Music Awards show was no exception.  She actually changed her outfit 3 times. Her initial outfit was probably the best. It was a dress designed by late Alexander McQueen. The flowing regal gown wrapped her body in royal shades of gold, dark reds and deep greens. On her head she was wearing a Mohawk feather headdress atop a long white-and-blue wig.

She was also escorted by several military servicemen who were recently discharged for being against military’s “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy.

He second dress was all in black and wasn’t bad either. However, her last dress was the wierdest and it appeared to be either made of meat to look like that it was made of meat. When she went up to accept her last award from Cher, she proclaim I never thought I would ask Cher to hold my meat purse.”

Lady Gaga was nominated for 13 categories and she won 8, including Best Female Video and Best Video of the Year.

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