Latest fx trading account summary

Here’s the latest report card on how I’m doing trading forex. I have figured out that although I’ve been making a profit with my trades, if this were a live account I’d be registering a loss rather than a profit because I am trading to bring my account balance back to the amount of my initial deposit after some bad trades in the beginning dropped my balance below the starting $50,000 in play money. So I’ll be needing to watch out for that once I start trading for real.

Beginning Balance 0.00
Comm Trading Commission 0.00
Rollover Rollover Fee 66.50
PnL Profit/Loss of Trade -366.37
Depos Deposit 50,000.00
Withd Withdrawal 0.00
Option Options Payout 0.00
Comm Options Commission 0.00
WithdFee Withdrawal Fee 0.00
MngFee Management Fee 0.00
PerfFee Performance Fee 0.00
Void Deposit Rollback 0.00
ASPComm ASP Commission 0.00
MargInterest Interest on Usable Margin 0.00
Ending Balance 49,700.13
Floating P/L -87.61
Equity 49,612.52
Necessary Margin 1,000.00
Usable Margin 48,612.52

What I need to do now is research the following as related to forex trading:

  • Usable margin
  • Necessary margin
  • Floating P/L
  • Equity

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