Fear of the forex leverage and margin monsters

I am determined to try my hand at forex trading and so I am making every effort to educate myself. I must say that I’m having doubts whether or not it’s a good idea but I am going to take my own advise about doing what you want to do and accepting the results success or failure. I have spent my entire life being so afraid of consequences that I haven’t tried things I’ve wanted to try. Some of the consequences I’ve feared have been as silly as being afraid of embarrassment. That fear has thwarted so many of my dreams. I am at a point where I’m tired of being too afraid of “what if”. So what if things don’t go the way I want them to? I might not make any money. That is true. I might lose my deposit of $2000 that is true. It’s even a guarantee if you believe what you read. Seems it’s not wise to get into forex trading with less than $50,000 to fund an account; but I don’t have $50,000. I don’t have $10,000. I have an opportunity to get $2000 to fund my account. Should I not open an account just because I’m promised that in all likelihood I will lose my money due to the leverage and margin monsters that devour accounts funded with such little money in one gulp?

I’ve decided since I’m not going to have another opportunity the best thing I can do is learn everything I can about leverage and margin as related to forex trading before I actually start live trading.

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