Thankful at 8:01AM Saturday

I am thankful at this moment that I have awaken to a brand new day; that I got through a very difficult night last night with depression, and I have come out with renewed will to conquer my demons. I realized a moment ago that today is an opportunity, another opportunity, for me to do whatever I didn’t do yesterday that I wish I had done. Life gives you a new opportunity every day to get done what you wanted to do yesterday but never got around to doing. Wanted to clean the house yesterday but never got around to doing it? You can do it today. Wanted to go for a walk yesterday but never got around to doing it? Go for a walk today. Wanted spend some time with your loved ones yesterday but lost the opportunity? Well, as long as they are still with you and you are still with them, you’ve been given twenty-four new hours to work with. Take some time out of today and go spend it with your loved ones. Let go of yesterday. Yesterday is an opportunity lost and never to be gotten back. Today is an opportunity to seize. Grab hold and make the most you possibly can of it.

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