What are you sitting around complaining about? Go out and live your life!

Yesterday I made 2 cents in total earnings from my business and lost $10 trading forex. I got to a point where I couldn’t hold in my negative self-deprecating thoughts any longer. I started calling myself a worthless loser. I didn’t wake up in much better spirits today.

Just now I stumbled across a blog titled “The Lost Girls”.The lost girls is about:

Three twenty-something New Yorkers who ditched their media jobs to embark on a yearlong, round-the-world journey in search of adventure and inspiration.

I admit I felt an immediate mixture of admiration and envy on seeing pictures of these young girls on their travels around the world, living their lives to the fullest; but I wonder if circumstances don’t enable some people to live freely and happily while making it impossible for others to manage to get through a day without some unpleasant occurrence to remind them of the less pleasant aspects of living.

I want adventure in my own life. I want to feel inspired. Do I just get up and go?  These girls had “media jobs”. That means they were making money. They had money to afford them the  luxury of getting up and going off in search of adventure and inspiration, traipsing around the globe to such regions as Peru, Brazil, India, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bali/Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. I can’t manage to make more than two cents come out of 17 hours of work. I couldn’t afford to take off in search of adventure and inspiration.

I applaud the three young women though. It seems they are back in New York now and writing a book about their lost girls adventures. Here I am about to turn 38 and the only stories I have to tell are about a living for nearly 4 decades in a state of depression and going nowhere in life but deeper into an abysmal pit of nothingness.

Oops, this was supposed to be a positive post about not sitting around and complaining about life, but taking a lesson from others who go out and live their lives to the fullest.

Definitely let the lost girls inspire you. Don’t wait for freedom to come to you when time decides to yield and allow you to have your freedom.

Visit the lost girls blog

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