Make A Flower Bouquet Using Crystal Brooches

A popular trend for today’s bride is incorporating a little “bling-bling” into her wedding dress and accessories. By using popular items, such as crystal hair pins, you can make a beautiful bouquet for the bride to carry at the wedding. In order to make this, simply use a Styrofoam sphere (which can be purchased at any craft store) and begin by sticking the hair pins directly into the ball or using hot-glue to fasten them on. The advantage here is that the keepsake bouquet can be perfectly matched to the bride’s hair accessories for a seamless appearance.

Additionally, you can incorporate crystal brooches into the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and the keepsake bouquet for a flawlessly elegant look. By choosing a variety of colors that you might find in a garden, you can match any color scheme. The other advantage to using brooches is that they often come in flower or butterfly shapes to really re-create the everlasting garden look with a hint of shimmer. The brooches can be placed on top of the smaller pins to create a dramatic appearance for the bouquet; again, fasten by sticking the pins directly into the Styrofoam or by gluing. Incorporate the brooch pattern into each girls dress for a thematic appearance.

Finally, by using crystal bead bracelets, you can customize the handle of your unique bouquet and finish the uniform look of your wedding.  To create the handle, use a light-weight wooden dowel (again from the craft store), plug it into the Styrofoam by creating a divot in the ball, and glue it in to fasten. Create a base color on the dowel by wrapping a matching ribbon around the whole handle. Then finally use the crystal bead bracelets wrapped around on top. Each girl in the bridal party can wear the matching bracelets as well to finish the look of this unique wedding idea.

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