How to make $1500 per day

Dear Rich Bitch, how can I make $1500 per day? I need Money

Dear I Need Money, I don’t know of any specific way you can make $1500 per day; but generally speaking, if you want to make $1500 per day you could search the Internet for jobs being advertised with a salary of $30,000 per month; or else you can research business ideas that come with $30,000 per month earnings potential.

You should expect that any job with a salary of $1500 per day would be in an industry where a wage at nearly $200 per hour is possible. There are not very many industries where such a high hourly wage is possible. Industries where such a high hourly wage is possible usually require individuals with highly specialized skills. Consider that the highest paying jobs, according to the US Bureau of Labor, pay from $40 – $65 dollars per  hour. It would be a rare occurrence indeed to find a job paying $200 an hour. So if you are seriously looking to make $1500 per day, you might have to look to options in the entrepreneurial realm.

Sell a product or provide a service and find enough customers to buy your product and service to allow for you to make $1500 per day in profit.

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