Marylou Whitney’s picks of the best places to meet a rich man

Who better to know the best places to meet a rich man than a woman who has been married to several rich men and has lived the high life for decades? Former actress Marylou Whitney knows where the rich men hang out and she shared this information with USA today five years ago. One hopes the rich men didn’t stop hanging out in these places after Marylou told the women of the world where to find them.

So you want to meet a rich man? Well, here are some locations where you might find them.

Other places mentioned included: Claridge’s in London, Breakfast at Saratoga Race Course, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Polo matches, Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant, ’21’ Club in New York City.

Do keep in mind that Marylou was up there in age at the time of the interview and could have named places where older gentlemen hang out. If you’re looking for a younger millionaire these might not necessarily be the places where they hang out; but you should also keep in mind that you’ll probably have a better chance with a rich old man than you will with a rich young man.

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