Are you obsessed with money?

Hi Rich bitch, I sometimes wonder if its just money that we are talking about, then why are we so obsessed with it? I always want more; do you feel the same way?  Regards Moneyminded

Hi moneyminded, money controls everything. In some cases it even controls whether we live or die. Not everyone is obsessed with money, admittedly, but enough people are obsessed with money to make a strong argument that money is powerful. Yet money, as a physical object, is just a thing you can drop on the floor and step on, tear up (if it’s made of paper), toss away, take a hammer to and physically surmount in every way. At the end of the day you don’t really have to have money to survive. There are shelters that will feed you and clothe you if you can’t feed and clothe yourself. Still, the shelters get the food and clothes from somewhere. At some point money was needed to feed and clothe you even if you did not provide it yourself.

Some people choose to live alternative lifestyles that require very little to no money for survival; but most people prefer a certain standard of living, and those who don’t already have the money that affords a high standard of living spend every day of their lives aiming for that standard. Some, like you and me, want it more badly than others. The ones who want it so badly that the mental and emotional quality of their lives is affected by whether or not they have as much money as they want are said to be obsessed with money.

From personal experience I know that obsession with wanting to be rich combined with having no money and struggling everyday to make money can lead to excruciating depression and even thoughts of suicide. In fact, there have been people who have actually killed themselves over their inability to make the kind of money they want to make. For that reason I would think it is unhealthy to be so obsessed with money that you can think or talk about nothing else. Yet, even while being aware of this, living in a state of poverty and often being in crisis over a lack of money makes it nearly impossible not to think or talk about money all the time or feel desperate to make enough of it to allow you to live free of money related stress.

To answer your question more simply, yes, I want more money.

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