My Money Today 07-14-2008

Sigh… I really don’t even want to think about the state of my money today. At last check my bank account was in the deficit $235. I am clueless about how I am going to come up with money to fix that problem. I have about 3 websites I could consider selling but they are right on the verge of beginning to sprout. They are not quite fully enough grown for me to get much of anything for them, but if I sold them for next to nothing someone would gladly snatch them up. I could probably manage to get $235 for all three; but how will that really help me. I’ll get the bank account out of the hole but I’ll have given away 3 websites that each could come to be worth much more if they keep up the current rate of growth and are allowed to grow a few months more. Besides, I am paying more than $78 per month to get the sites updated. The sites cost $290 to update monthly. $34.95 per year in domain renewal fees. And that’s not to mention the year of work that went into developing them.

I am seriously frustrated. Depressed. Scared. Desperate. And I am even more sick and tired of feeling these emotions on account of lacking money.

Today is the 14th. My server bill will be due in a few days and this time the bank will not pay it. Not with my account in the deficit. Plus the cell phone bills will be due in 10 days time.

This of course was not supposed to be happening. I had landed a contract that was supposed to be ongoing for a few months; but the client turned out to be less than honest and wouldn’t pay after the first round of the job was completed. So here I am back in a mess.

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