Nanotechnology Swimwear

For those who are fascinated with the overlap between the world of technology and the world of fashion, the phrase “nanotechnology swimwear fabric” is likely to grab their attention. The manufacturer of this intriguing fabric is a company called Sun Dry Swim. As the name might suggest, they sell swimwear that is designed to dry instantly.

Looking at their website, we noted right away that they don’t seem to have suits available for sale yet, though there were some simple yet cute styles shown on a few pages. The nanotech fabric apparently works by preventing the fibers from absorbing water like they do in normal swimwear fabric. Instead, when immersed, the water flows in between the fabric fibers. It beads up and out of the fabric when exposed to air, allowing it to dry quickly. I know I’m not a fan of standing around shivering in a wet swimsuit when I get out of the pool, so I for one would definitely like to try one of these beauties.

The advanced fabric apparently has other benefits as well. The colors stay bright when the dyes in other suits can fade due to UV exposure. The fibers are also extremely resistant to chlorine, which can of course damage swimsuits over time. What’s more, the company says that the swimsuit offers SPF 50 protection from sun damage. We know that we’ll be looking forward to the designs offered by this innovative company.

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