Necklaces: Bigger is Better

This fashion season, bigger and bolder is the “it look” when it comes to accessories.  This is particularly true of necklaces, with some styles so ambitious and oversized that they look almost uncomfortable.  However, the staggering number of styles means there’s a look that will work for almost anyone that isn’t interested in playing style wallflower.


Aside from just being large and in charge, many of the necklaces we’re seeing feature chunky, asymmetric looks.  The materials used in the crafting of the pieces run the gamut from precious to plastic.  Popular designer Tarina Tarantino uses candy-colored charms to evoke the brighter days of childhood.  Louis Vuitton offers a strikingly abstract piece grafted from glass and metal, as much artwork as accessory.  If you’re a fan of sparkle and shine, the luscious crystal creation of Daniel Swarovski might be the perfect accessory for you to add to your jewelry box.  You can also add a touch of nature to your style in a big way with some of the selections available.  Kara Ross offers a stunning necklace that features raw tourmaline crystals–uncut gems in rainbow shades make this an accessory that’s sure to draw attention.  For an earthier touch, take a look at Fendi’s style, featuring oversized wooden beads.

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