Neiman Marcus shoe & handbag event

Thakoon Ombre Dress:
Thakoon Ombre Dress:

I received an email invitation to a Neiman Marcus shoe and handbag event today. Well, it was more like an offer than an invitation.

The offer:

1. Free shipping on purchases over $200

2. A free set of 12 designer-illustrated notecards with a $350 purchase off any regular-priced shoe or handbag from the latest Valentino, Dior and other top names in designer shoes and designer bags.

I used to be a pretty stylish girl myself, but I’ve never really experienced a need for designer things. I never longed to have a handbag that was a Valentino or a Gucci just because it’s a Valentino or a Gucci.

Frankly, I’d sooner buy something because I like it than because it was made by a top name designer and costs thousands. In fact, I would never spend $5000 on anything just because it was made by a top designer.

The whole idea of feeling special because you’re wearing a pair of shoes that cost $1000 is ludicrous.

Nonetheless, I took a virtual visit over to and had a look at “Fall’s Magnificent 7” – what they’re calling the 7 hot styles for fall:

  • Berry Colors
  • High-Vamp Shoes
  • Satin
  • Lace
  • Sleek Shapes
  • Romantic Blouses
  • Statement Jewelry

I looked at some of their “high vamp shoes” with prices ranging from $335 for a pair of Stuart Weitzman Polished Platform shoes to $1295 for a  pair of Giorgio Armani Beaded Platfrom Pumps

Personally, when it comes to shoes, comfort is key in my book. The high vamp shoes are a bit too high and too vampy for my taste.

Gurhan Aurora Pendant Necklace - Image: Neiman Marcus
Gurhan Aurora Pendant Necklace - Image: Neiman Marcus

I also took a  look at some of the items featured in the “Berry Colors” collection.

Interestingly the one thing that caught  my eye, a Gurhan Aurora Pendant Necklace, costs $5160.

It’s not often I can say I would spend that kind of money on a necklace if I had the money to spend; but something about that necklace really appeals to me, and I’m not a jewelry person so it’s quite odd to be feeling drawn to a necklace and thinking it would look really nice on me.

The necklace was apparently inspired by the Roman Goddess of dawn whose name was Aurora. It features a rose-cut ruby witin a 24-karat yellow gold hammered setting on a link chain.

There’s just something about the simplicity and elegance of it, but I suppose one would need a very slender neck and ballerina shoulders to carry it off with dignity and grace.

As for the other Magnificent 7 featured fall items, I’m not a big fan of satin and lace myself so I didn’t bother to look at the items in their Fall satin and lace collections. I did look at some of the romantic blouses but there was nothing in particular that caught my eye.

I wonder if Neiman Marcus is one of those elitist stores where they can sniff out poor people like dogs can sniff out drugs and where they follow behind someone they think does not belong in their store and sometimes even drive you out?

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