While many people still consider tech to be a “guy thing”, the truth is that plenty of woman these days are quite savvy when it comes to the latest developments in gadgets. After all, we use computers, take photos, listen to music, and make cell phone calls just as much as (or more than) our male counterparts. Everyone loves devices that can make their life easier, and quite a few of us enjoy shopping for them too.

One of the newest trends in computers that we’re really excited about are netbooks. If you haven’t heard about them, netbooks are basically ultracompact laptops–and we when we say ultracompact, we mean under three pounds–perfect for taking with you on the go. The screens generally range from 7″ to 9″ in size, the operating system is usually Windows XP or Linux, and options are available for standard hard drives or solid state (much smaller but far sturdier when on the go.) Because of the small size, the keyboard on a netbook can be somewhat cramped or uncomfortable to use. But if you’re jotting down notes, sending off a few e-mails, surfing the Web, or watching a movie, you probably won’t mind it too much.

Asus was one of the first brands to get on this trend, but now more well-known companies such as HP and Dell are jumping on the netbook boat. With so many options available, you’re pretty likely to find a netbook that meets your needs. And the best thing about these little beauties? The price matches the size, with most available for under $500.

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