Nintendo DS Lite

A lot of people still think of overweight and under-socialized boys when they hear the phrase “video games.” However, times have changed, and gaming is now the new black. In particular, the Nintendo DS system has been designed to appeal to the common man and — more important to us — woman. This stylish little device comes in a variety of different colors for you to choose from. Match it to your favorite accessories! The sleek case will easily fit in your purse, making it the perfect way to kill some time while riding in the car or the next time you have to wait in line somewhere.

Just in time for the holidays, Nintendo has released a special DS bundle that even the most discerning stylistas are certain to approve of. The set includes a DS unit with a unique ice-blue shell — a perfect fit for the cool pastels that are a hit this season. Also included is a stylish carrying case in a matching shade of blue. Every rich bitch loves to coordinate! The set features one of our favorite games for the Nintendo DS, Brain Age. This hit is designed for casual play and features a wide range of puzzles that are designed to help you put your thinking cap on and focus. It might sound silly, but we’ve found this little game to be a lot of fun. If you’ve ever had the itch to get your game on, check out this limited edition set!

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