Since I have about 21 more days to practice before I plan to start trading forex with real money I’ve decided to give OANDA FXTrade another try. I briefly looked at it a couple of weeks ago but didn’t really like what I was seeing; but it could have been because I didn’t really understand what I was seeing as I was too new to forex trading. I am still very new to forex trading but I’ve picked up a great deal more up to this point and with apprehension over FXCM and the fxcm scam complaints I’ve  been finding all over the place, it would be great if I could find another platform to use with a company with fewer scam complaints circulating around the Internet.

I haven’t really done any research into OANDA yet, so who knows what I might find by way of oanda scam complaints? But I have come across numerous references to them on forex message boards and they appear to get recommended over FXCM. I’ll give their trading platform another try. I need to find a trustworthy forex broker.

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