Peace of mind is something you can obtain without needing to spend a dime

Do you believe that you deserve to be happy? Do you believe that you deserve to feel good in your skin? Then, if you haven’t done anything healthy for your mind and your body today, get up right this very minute as I’m about to do and spend an hour on yourself. Not five minutes, or ten minutes, twenty or thirty minutes. If you can, and I know some of you won’t be able to because life does not always allow it;  but if you can, go to a room where you’re going to be alone and spend the next hour on meditation.

You don’t have to know yoga or any other type of formal mediation. Just do your own stuff. Stretch your limbs. Don’t exercise (unless you prefer to do that). This is not about losing weight or toning your body or any of that stuff. It’s about clearing your mind and giving your body a little bit of relief from that pent up stress and anxiety. Stretch your arms, stretch your legs, stretch your back, stretch your neck. Close your eyes and inhale deeply, then exhale; and if you have the skill stand on your head with a wall supporting you and drain some of that bad energy out of your system. That’s what I’m about to head off to do. Do it for an hour. You deserve it. Let’s wipe the slate clean up to a moment ago and take off on a new journey starting now.

Image: Yoga by judepics via Flickr

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