Picking wedding favors and decorations

With wedding favors, you have to make a clear decision well ahead of your wedding – Are you going to buy them or make them yourself? Whichever way you decide to go, there is another question – are you going to personalize them or not?

Personalizing a wedding favor is not too hard these days, so you should consider it. There are plenty of vendors who will supply you with personalized ribbon, box or other device. All you have to do is get online and search for one. If you start the search early, you can get samples from a few of these vendors and decide which one has the best quality. If you wait till two weeks before the wedding, you will be forced to go with whatever garbage you get.

In the same vein, start your search for the flower supplier early as well. Although you can do this online, it is nicer to go around your city and surrounding areas and hunt for a florist. The closer the person is to the location of your wedding, the easier it becomes to get to the location on time and set up the flowers. If you want to cut costs, you could always consider silk flowers. They look quite realistic and will not wilt. Even though it may sound a tad tacky, give it a thought and check a few designs out, you might end up changing your mind; you can even sell them to someone else once the wedding is done and that’s something you can’t do with real flowers.

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