Pictures of Austria

When I think of Austria I think of “The Sound of Music”. I should probably be embarrassed to admit that, but it is what it is. I think of the hills where Julie Andrews did her little song and dance at the beginning of the film. I think of Captain Von Trapp calling his children with the whistle and the children running out of their rooms and marching down the stairs to be introduced to fräulein Maria. Beyond that I know nothing about Austria except that the capital city is Vienna.

Image details:

  • St Anton from Hotel Arlberg by chelmsfordblue via Flickr
  • Heiligenblut – the most beautiful village in Austria by Peter Giger via Flickr
  • Horse-drawn carriage Vienna Austria by Glen Edelson via Flickr
  • Buildings in Vienna Austria by Glen Edelson via Flickr
  • Buildings in Salzburg Austria by evanden via Flickr
  • View of an Austrian village by kippster via Flickr
  • Say, “AUstria” by .A.A. via Flickr

For information about Austria check out the wikipedia entry Austria where you’ll learn that the official name for Austria is the Republic of Austria; that the country, located in Europe of course, is landlocked with Germany and the Czech Republic bordering on the north, Slovakia and Hungary bordering on the east, Slovenia and Italy bordering on the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein bordering on the west.

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