Time for a yellow moment

I am having a personal financial crisis, but since I can’t go to the government for a bailout, I’m taking a yellow crisis management moment instead.

I have brought my checking account down to a balance of -$9.63 cents from -$271.63 and my savings down to a balance of -$35.72 from -$60.72. I have $0.92 cents in one PayPal business account, $1.02 in  another PayPal Business account and $45.28 in my Adsense account. I have $160.61 in available credit on one credit card, $60.00 in available credit on another credit card, and $51.00 in available credit on a third credit card. And I’m late paying on a Newport News card that I used to help my husband buy some clothes for his daughter when he went to visit her in August.


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