Plastic containers as displays

The term plastic container can conjure up images of cheap little boxes used to store little knick-knacks. On a wider scale plastic containers are used to store food in the refrigerator. But another great use for plastic containers is as display cases.

The type of plastic used in this instance is not the usual type that comes to mind. Normal plastic would not be able to give the visibility required to show off a product or collector’s item. This is why glass has been such a prevalent material in display cases. However, the problem with glass is that it is very fragile.

To overcome the problem of visibility, manufacturers of display cases are resorting to a clear plastic known as Acrylic. For all intents and purposes Acrylic looks just like glass, but in fact it is superior. It is much lighter, more durable and it insulates better. This makes it an ideal substance to be used in the construction of display cases.

But one of the biggest advantages is that it can be made into custom shapes. Any plastics part manufacturer can make custom designs if required, as long as they have injection molding machines. Basically, what these machines do is “squirt” liquid plastic into molds so that the desired shape can be obtained. If you have a requirement to make some custom designed display cases, all you have to do is conduct a search for plastics injection molding company on any search engine and you will find hundreds.

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