Reasons Why You Should Buy The Latest Floor Heating Systems

Floor heating goes as far back as to the time when the Roman Empire was its peak in its use of the hypocaust system, while the Koreans also designed the ‘ondol’ system of heating that used hot water to deal with the unbearable cold in winter.

Interestingly, among most of the methods of heating, radiant floor heating is considered by experts to be one of the most comfortable methods of enjoying the benefits of a warm home despite the harsh onslaught of the cold during winter.

But there’s a difference between the hydronic heating (that most people are familiar with in recent times, and will mistake new floor heating technology to be) and the latest technology of radiant tile heating.

Firstly, the installation is much simpler with these recent systems as the presence of a boiler along with pipes, as used in hydronic systems, has also been eliminated. The chances of things going wrong, especially when it comes to maintenance issues, does not arise as these newer floor heating systems are much simpler in design.

Secondly, in the case of hydronic heating, the pipes are placed deep under the foundation of the home and this means that it takes much longer for the home to get heated if it gets turned off. Conversely, the newer heated tile systems are much closer and heat your home up within a matter of thirty minutes or so.

Finally, with a complex setup of pipes installed using the hydronic system, extra care has to be taken to make room for the air conditioning system, which requires a separate ductwork cooling and distribution system. In the case of the latest technology of radiant floor heating, all these obvious complications have been eliminated.

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