Recycled Suits

It’s likely that most fashionistas out there don’t place Sears at the top of the list for cutting-edge fashion. In fact, it’s quite likely that Sears isn’t anywhere to be found on such a list. However, the department store, well-known for its “softer side” advertisements, is introducing a new line of men’s clothing that we have to admit has caught our attention. There are no pictures as of yet (and to be fair, we’re not expecting much in terms of cut and style). What makes this new clothing line so interesting is the material that it will be constructed from.

Starting this spring, Sears plans to debut a new line of suits that will be called EcoGir. The line is said to be made for “fashionable males” (we’ll believe it when we see it — none of the fashionable males that we know would ever buy a suit from Sears) and made from 100% recycled materials. The noteworthy material that will be used for the creation of these suits is plastic chips from soda bottles. It is estimated that approximately 13 2-liter soda bottles will be needed to get the material for one suit. EcoGir suits will be able to be washed in your home rather than having to be taken to the dry cleaners. These will also be rather affordable for suits, costing only $150 each. While these certainly won’t be the most fashionable suits around (after all, they will basically be 100% polyester), it’s still fascinating to hear about the continuation of green trends in fashion, particularly in such a mainstream store. We look forward to seeing similar lines from more stylish sources in the future.

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