Rich bitch profile of the week 07-14-2008

Anne Cox Chambers
Anne Cox Chambers

All due respect to Anne Cox Chambers, no offense is meant in referring to the 89 year old billionaire as a “rich bitch”. Anne Cox Chambers has been rich all her life, born to newspaper man and former Ohio governor James M Cox and his second wife, Margaretta Parler Blair. Anne was born December 1, 1919.

Upon the death of her father in 1957, 38 year old Anne Cox Chambers began sharing ownership of his company with her sister Barbara Cox Anthony and her brother James M. Cox, Jr. In 1974 she acquired 50% of James M. Cox Jr.’s share of the company when James died. The other 50% went to her sister Barbara; and upon the death of her sister Barbara in 2007, Anne Cox Chambers acquired 98% ownership of Cox Enterprises. She runs the business with her sister Barbara’s three children.

No doubt Anne Cox has lived a fabulously rich life from the day she was born and will continue to live a rich life until the day she dies. Her money and position in society have certainly contributed to her other noteworthy achievements, including the four years she represented the United States as an Ambassador to Belgium, and the distinction she holds for being Atlanta’s premier female bank director as well as being the first woman on the board of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

As head of a company which owns the largest Cable TV business in the United States, produces such noteworthy newspaper publications as the Atlanta Journal Constitution and holds ownership of broadcast television and radio stations among other holdings, Anne Cox has certainly been one of the most fortunately women in history. She owns a spot on Forbes Magazine’s list of the world’s richest women, far surpassing the wealth of more celebrated billionaires like Oprah Winfrey.

Anne Cox has three children, two daughters: Katherine Ann Johnson and Margaretta Johnson; and one son: James Cox Chambers.

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