Rich bitch lunch

I want to be rich but not necessarily elitist; and I want to believe money will not change my convictions. Certainly the type of rich person this brilliant piece of writing by Polly Vernon, written for The Observer, conjures up is not exactly the type of person I wish to be. (The world’s most expensive lunch) In fact, in fantasizing about being rich I never imagine myself as being any different from who I am now, only able to afford things. And no way would I  ever spend £25,000 British pounds which is the equivalent of $49,854.3233 US dollars (as of 07-14-08) on a meal.

sushi lunch

For that kind of money the food had better be able to transform some aspect of my life. Maybe after I eat it I drop 10 years or 10 pounds, or I overcome some illness, or my brain becomes instantaneously capable of Einstein level brilliance, or I acquire X-ray vision or some such phenomenal occurrence. Because otherwise that is a ridiculous amount of money to spend just for the privilege of dining in an exclusive restaurant.

The world’s most expensive lunch

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