Rich women relieve their stress by thinking pink

It is 4:46PM. The hubby is on his way home from work. I’ve just spoken to my mother on the phone. That’s a rare occurrence. I’m disturbed by news of a planned visit next month. Honestly I’m not in any place mentally to deal with a visit from my parents. I’m struggling to get through to tomorrow every day; but what am I supposed to do, tell them I don’t want to see them? Sigh.

Let me take a dose of tanakawho in pink.

I enjoy the work of the photographer who goes by the name tanakawho on flickr. Did I have his artistic vision and talent I might be making more than $0.34 cents per day and then I wouldn’t have to dread seeing my parents because I would be accomplished and well-established and have no reason to hang my head in shame over being a complete failure.

View tanakawho’s ‘pink’ photo set on flickr

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