Right now you can pick up 200 shares of Sirius XM Radio Inc stock for $50

Sirius XM Radio Inc Stock went down to $0.27  cents per share at one point today.  It currently stands at $0.29 cents per share; but no one seems to think this marks doomsday for Sirius. The recommendation is still pointing towards buying; and why not?

With the share prices so insignificant even low-income persons can afford to invest in Sirius right now without fearing the risk of losing their investment. Just $50 can get you 200 shares, which isn’t a bad number of shares with which to start building your portfolio. As stated in a previous post, if you buy into Sirius now do so knowing there’s a strong possibility your total shares will be reduced by a ratio of 10::1. It seems a reverse split is being very seriously considered.

Image: stockcharts.com

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