Sauted zucchini and chikuwa

Eating healthy just got a little bit tastier. At least this dish of sauted zucchini and chikuwa looks like it tastes wonderful and won’t give you love handles. It’s from the flickr photo stream of  yomi955 who also happens to have plenty of other photos of very tasty looking dishes. Now, I had to look up chikuwa to be honest. Wikipedia tells me that chikuwa is is “a Japanese tube-like food product made from ingredients like fish surimi, salt, sugar, starch, and egg white”. You apparently mix these ingredients well then wrap the mixture around bamboo or metal sticks, then you steam or broil them. Once steamed/broiled, you then slice them up. The name “chikuwa” apparently literally translates to “bamboo ring”.

Doesn’t this picture make you want to prepare yourself a plate of sauted zucchini and chikuwa, or maybe hire yomi955 to prepare it for you?

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