Seagrass Furniture Pieces Accent the Rest of the Room

This year, when we went to the beach for our vacation, the condo we always rent had seagrass furniture pieces in all the rooms. I had never seen this type of furniture and was surprised when I found out what it was. I found it to be very charming, and fit in with the regular décor quite well. I ended up searching for it in the town we stay in and took a few pieces home. I plan on using them in a couple of different areas in my house.

The condo furniture has always delighted me, from the wicker patio furniture to the modern art deco pieces in the dining area. It always seems casual and sunny. A few years ago I decided to turn our patio into a sunroom. I used decorating ideas from the beach to furnish it. It is the room everyone in the family likes to go and entertain in. We very seldom use the formal living room any more. It does not have the same beachy theme, but the same bright casualness.

My daughters have redone their room with wicker bedroom furniture. Not every piece is made of wicker, but enough to give the right feel to the room. I have to admit, I was not too keen on the idea, but they made it work without seeming too much like their room at the condo.  The new seagrass pieces I picked up this past summer have made nice little accents to what they have done.

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