Seeking shelter from a natural disaster in a germ filled gutter

Last night I had a dream that there was going to be a devastating disaster striking the earth. Millions of people were congregated in an open field where they were being placed in groups and sent off to different places of shelter. There was one group of people left to fend for themselves and find shelter however they could. They were not considered worthy to be saved. I was among this group.

Given no suggestions for where to go and how to keep ourselves safe, we went walking dejectedly looking for shelter. We were being led by a girl who claimed to know exactly what type of place we needed to find. We followed her and she eventually found a gutter that was disgusting and filled with germs. She told us we were going to be safe in the gutter. We just had to make sure we didn’t get any of the germs into our mouth or our eyes. She told us the storm would pass over us. The gutter wasn’t an ideal place to be as far as our health was concerned, but as long as we strictly followed the rule of not getting the germs in our mouth or our eyes we were all going to escape the devastation that was going to strike and that was more important than skin rashes and a little itching.

I wonder what this dream is supposed to mean. If any of you know how to interpret dreams I’d love it if you could shed some light on this for me.

Image: Daydreaming by sweet mandy kay via Flickr

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