Don’t let people undermine your confidence

Ever find yourself in a situation where you’ve decided to do something, or you’re seriously thinking about doing something, but people keep trying to discourage you from doing it for one reason or another? Nothing can deflate enthusiasm faster than sharing your plans and ideas with other people. Sometimes it helps to run your ideas by other people, but if you know the people in your life are more likely to discourage than encourage you, you should think long and hard about sharing your ideas with them; and that includes your closest family and friends. People who think they know you best can often be the worse people to turn to when you need some cheerleaders on the sideline cheering you on as you attempt to score a goal. Instead of giving you encouragement, they will try to talk you out of even attempting what you have in mind to do. And with you already not sure you can do it and they clearly of the belief that you can’t do it, you’re more than likely going to give up before you even try.

Many dreams die because no one has believed in the dreamer and the dreamer made the mistake of not believing in herself because no one has believed she can do whatever it is she has expressed a desire to do.

Believe in yourself. If there’s something you want to do, like Nike says in their simple yet profound slogan, “Just Do It“. Don’t worry about the outcome. Don’t not do it because you think you won’t succeed. Do it and accept the results success or failure.

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