Sirius XM Radio Inc. is not looking very good yet they keep launching things

I’m not understanding how they do business over at Sirius XM Radio Inc. The worth of their stock keeps dropping day by day, yet you hear nothing from them about the state of their company. Furthermore, on the 15th of this month they announced the launching of “Game On”, which is to be an “Exclusive Weekly Show” to be hosted by  Joshua Pellicer and Jordan Harbinger. The show, which is scheduled to be officially launched today will be devoted to the Art of Meeting and Attracting Women”. Sirius also announced on the 16th of the month the Wearable XMp3 Satellite Radio developed in conjunction with Pioneer. The XMp3 satellite radio will allow you to “Record What You Love, Listen When You Want(TM)”.

Are the people at Sirius simply out of touch with reality; or do they just  have so much confidence in their company that they’re not even slightly concerned that as of yesterday’s market close a share of Sirius stock was down to $0.39 cents having gone even lower during the trading day?

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