Sirius XM Radio Inc stock has gone to the dogs – my stock portfolio is worth $46.46

A share of Sirius Xm Radio Inc (formerly Sirius Satellite Radio Inc) stock is now worth $0.48 cents. I own 20 shares. I’m wondering if I should pick up another 100 shares now that they’re so worthless. It will only cost me $50, so even if they never rebound or Sirius goes out of business it won’t be that big a loss. The 20 shares cost me about $50 so my total loss from investing in Sirius stock will be $100 if I buy an additional 100 shares ($50 from my current 20 shares + $50 to obtain an additional 100 shares).

Note: although I say it will only cost me $50, I don’t actually have $50 to my name right now. I would have to get my son to provide it. Wouldn’t want anyone commenting that I keep crying I don’t have any money yet I’m casually contemplating whether or not I should spend $50 on buying stocks.

Regarding buying Sirius stock, I just did a little research to see what people are recommending with regard to buying and selling. I came across a Forbes Buy/Hold/Sell Analysis for SIRIUS XM RADIO INC which comes with a moderate buy recommendation. I still want to do some digging to find out what the general consensus is regarding what the future holds for Sirius XM Radio Inc.

Image: Sirius by orangeacid via flick

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