Skin By Monica

Everyone wants to have the kind of perfect skin that they see on TV and in magazines day in and day out. Even though most people know that makeup, lighting, and airbrushing are actually responsible, it can still seem like we’re being inundated with perfection, brining our own flaws to the forefront of our minds. While it’s important to remain realistic about what we can expect from our bodies and ourselves, the fact remains that the beauty industry is a massive one as women like us (and men as well) try to reach for the unattainable, or at least be the most beautiful that we can be.

With so many skin care options available, it can seem impossible to narrow down the possibilities to the ones that are worth trying and buying. One new line that we feel looks promising is Skin by Monica. What makes this skin solution stand out from the rest of the pack? The line was founded by model Monica Olsen — who better to know what your face needs than someone who makes a living off of hers? The aim of the line is to provide the best nature has to offer and incorporate the latest scientific advances. You can check out all of the products in the line and learn more about Monica’s philosophy for skincare by visiting Maybe you can’t achieve the flawless features of your favorite model or actor, but it doesn’t hurt to take care of your skin and put your best face forward.

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