So you want to become a rich bitch trading forex but do you even know your economics?

According to the title of a best-selling book by author David Bach, smart women finish rich; and if you were to do a little research on your own it won’t take you too long to discover for yourself that the richest women in the world are all very smart. Even if they inherited their daddy’s money or their dead husband’s money, they still had to find a way to maintain the wealth they inherited and to keep the wealth growing just the same way the richest self-made women had to grow their wealth and keep it growing year after year. Most of them did it by cultivating highly capable brains. Stupidity doesn’t pay ladies.

So here we are talking about become rich bitch forex traders; but we don’t know a thing about trading or the economics that form the foundation of currency trading. How can we hope to have any chance whatsoever of succeeding as forex traders if we don’t have substantial knowledge on the subject?

So let’s get serious shall we? Realizing we don’t have the brain of a Zoe Cruz and as such will never have the advantage of a Harvard education, let’s set some realistic goals and expectations for our ambitions to become successful trading forex from our living room, kitchen, bedroom or which ever room in our house, apartment or other dwelling place we use as our work at home office. Let’s fill the gaping gap that leaves us  puzzled when we read about interest rates, consumer price indexes (CPI), gross domestic products (GDP), trade deficits and all the economical terms that play a part in moving the foreign exchange market in which we plan to be trading currency for profit.

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